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Stories about people with Parkinson’s, working on Parkinson’s, and caregivers

Easy Adjustments to Enjoy Holiday Meals

Thanks Ronnie for finding this and to the Davis Phinney Foundation for the article. Check out their other articles.               November 21, 2016 Gathering with family and friends to share a special meal is … Continue reading

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The Terrorist Inside My Husband’s Brain

RonnieGram: Robin Williams did not have Parkinson’s disease. He had Lewy body disease. This heartbreaking article is directed to clinicians. But the missed diagnosis and the pathos of his widow Susan’s story can resonate with many of us. Mrs. Susan … Continue reading

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One Person’s Journey- Vitamin B-12 for Peripheral Neuropathy?

RonnieGram: Peripheral neuropathy is disorder of nerve(s) apart from the brain and spinal cord. Patients with peripheral neuropathy may have tingling, numbness, unusual sensations, weakness, or burning pain in the affected area. Oftentimes, the symptoms are symmetrical and involve both … Continue reading

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DBS – A Complete No Brainer

RonnieGram: This is a blog about one man’s DBS experience in the UK. DBS – A Complete No Brainer Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease – Before and After So, what’s it all about? Hello there, and thanks for … Continue reading

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