Parkinson Network of Mt. Diablo
PO Box 3127, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

PNMD Board:

Abraham Raja, Co-President,  925-304-2064,  cell 925-381-0688,

Lance Gershen, Co-President and Program Chair,  925-932-1028,

Beth Donegan, Secretary and Publicity Chair,  949-680-9133,

Amy Van Voorhis, Treasurer,  925-932-5036,

Ken Kuhn, Membership Chair and Historian,  925-934-5622,  cell 925 588 9837,

Norman Bardsley, Pleasanton Group,  925-831-9940,

Michael Grupp, Tremble Clefs and Audio-Video,  925-451-3389,

Sara Allen, Information Technology, 925-296-0221,  919-271-0120,

Cindy Gershen, Fundraising, 925-932-1028,

Janice Ransley, Library, 925-944-0162,

Cathy Hostetler, Health and Wellness Chair and Volunteer Coordinator,  925-932-5285,

Advisors to the Board:

Howard Zalkin, Past President,  925-939 -4210,

Bill Clinch, Saturday Moderator,  925-944-9764,

Linda Madden, Library,

Marjorie McWee, Board Governance, 415-350-3659,

Rynette Raja, Hospitality,  925-304-2064,  cell: 925-381-4990

Rosemary Way, Women’s PD Support Group, 925-476-5661,

Derek Ransley, Men’s PD Support Group, 925-944-0162,

Norman Kibbe, Caregiver Support Group,  925-935-9322,

Art Fowler, DBS Leader,  925-314-1875,  cell: 650-245-5764,

Sandy Mitchell, Asst. Program Chair,  925-687-3976,

Mary Ann Stanley, Bulk Mailings, 925-954-8758, cell 949 842 4307,

George Brown, Greeter-Saturday meetings,  707 864 3582,

Carol Fisher, Exercise/Yoga/Movement,  925 566 4181,


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