Current Parkinson’s Information Resources and Useful Links

This is a list of some of the major sites of interest to Parkinson patients and caregivers. There are many, many, more, and if you know of others that you think would be of value and should be added to the list, please contact us at 925-939-4210. As far as we know, no resource listed here makes any kind of charge for their information.

Parkinson’s Foundation

This is the merger of the National Parkinson’s Foundation and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.  It provides information about the disease, support, education, and research.

Michael J. Fox Foundation

Information about the Michael J. Fox Foundation, their cutting edge funding philosophy, drugs available, information on living with Parkinson’s, and research.

Davis Phinney Foundation

Supporting programs as well as research that help to deliver inspiration, information and provide tools that will enable people living with Parkinson’s to have more control in managing their disease.

American Parkinson’s Disease Association

Provides support, education, and research to help you live a fuller life.

European Parkinson’s Disease Association

Advocates for the rights and needs of patients and their families.

Parkinson’s Disease: Nutrition Matters

Produced by the Parkinson’s Foundation. This 72-page PDF document provides a comprehensive resource covering diet and drug interactions, correlations with physical symptoms such as constipation, bone health and weight loss. It also provides lots of recipes, menus and shopping lists.

The Parkinson Alliance

The umbrella organization for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk held every spring in New York City.  They sponsor Team Parkinson, a fundraising racing event.  Current news and information about research projects are available on their site.

Partners in Parkinson’s

Has a program where you can be connected to an advocate who will listen, offer advice and support to patients and caregivers at no cost.  This is just one of the services offered.

Has a support group for caregivers, family and friends of those with Parkinson’s disease.  Subjects include assisted living, home care, and memory care.

Family Caregiver Alliance

(National Center on Caregiving) has services designed for the needs of family caregivers, focusing on help caring for a loved one and on the well-being of caregivers.


Group creates programs that support and care for people with Parkinson’s, family and caregivers in the Oakland and Berkeley area.

National Institutes of Health

This site links to many other sites, a bit of “surfing” can bring you to information such as: clinical trials, deep brain stimulation – too much information available to summarize here. Take a look.

Patients Like Me

Stories from many people with neurological conditions. You can chart your symptoms over time, rate your drugs and treatments, and track your progress against others.

Medline Plus

A goldmine of authoritative, up-to-date information from the National Library of Medicine. Site contains medical encyclopedia and dictionary; tutorials on common conditions, tests, and treatments; drug information; health news; and links to clinical trials.

Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation

Excellent bimonthly newsletter with up-to-date information on Parkinson’s. Site will keep you current on world-wide news about Parkinson’s.

The Center for Neurologic Study

This is a huge site covering many aspects of neurologic diseases. Our interest in this site mainly concerns exercise, which has been shown to be of huge benefit to Parkinson’s patients. For some basic exercises go to: Exercises For The Parkinson Patient

Sit and Be Fit

This is web site for the PBS series. It has recommendations for specific exercises, including ones for Parkinson’s patients. Just follow the links.

Charity Navigator

As interested as we are in donating to those organizations which concentrate on Parkinson’s issues, there may come a time when we want to contribute to another cause. That’s when a site such as Charity Navigator is very helpful. Charity Navigator takes an in-depth look at the charity. It evaluates the financial health of over 5,400 of America’s largest charities and rates each charity. Did you know that the Red Cross gets three stars while Oxfam America gets four?

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