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October 2019 Newsletter

A Very Special “Thank You”

Insights from a Personal Trainer

PD Bootcamp Changes

PNMD Survey Results

September 2019 Newsletter


Finding My Tribe

PNMD Survey Results

August 2019 Newsletter

Seven Habits for Managing PD and Life

Parkinson’s Comedy Sketch

Loss of Motivation

Parkinson’s Patients with Generalized Pain Sleep Poorly

July 2019 Newsletter

PD – Changes and Freedom

Making Assumptions About Symptoms

Is Vacation Even Possible for a Caregiver?

June 2019 Newsletter

Stress, Your Nervous System & Your Symptoms

It’s Not Just the Parkinson’s Disease

Jackie Bardsley’s Memorial Service

May 2019 Newsletter

Poker Tournament

PNMD Men’s Support Group

Reclaiming Your Life

April 2019 Newsletter

Kindness Matters

Anticipatory Grief

Rock Steady Boxing in the Tri-Valley?

Parkinson’s Moving Day

March 2019 Newsletter

How You Exercise Makes the Difference

Is Parkinson’s A Bully?

PD Bootcamp

February 2019 Newsletter

Meditation and Parkinson’s Disease

Deny It – Embrace It – OR??

Alexander Technique Class

January 2019 Newsletter

What’s the Good News?

Rumination Revisited

PD Boot Camp Dublin

December 2018 Newsletter

Finding Your Balance

How to Get Through the Cold of Winter

Low Blood Pressure?  Is It Dangerous?

November 2018 Newsletter

Letter of Appreciation to Carol Fisher

Introducing Jody Barry

Mindfulness is Your Best Friend

The Doctor Becomes a Patient

October 2018 Newsletter

Allan and Margy Hansell, A Remembrance

The Elephant in the Room

Am I Weird or Is It Just Parkinson’s?

The Day Having Parkinson’s Was Cool

Parkinson’s, A Balancing Act

September 2018 Newsletter

Ideas and Strategies for Handling  Worsening Symptoms

I Am Lucky

Dealing With Depression

Still, a Poem

August 2018 Newsletter

Supporting Your Nervous System

“You Don’t Look Sick”

Ninety Years in a Nutshell

Call for Contributions

July 2018 Newsletter

What is Self-Compassion and Why is it Useful?

Parkinson’s Can Cause an Unusual Breathing Issue

The First Few Minutes

I Do, Too

June 2018 Newsletter

Living and Dying with Grace and Dignity

The Hierarchy of Pain and Parkinson’s

Lightening Struck Her Home

May 2018 Newsletter

Parkinson’s Treatments and Dental Care

3 Ways to Address Your Stress

How to Treat Fainting

April 2018 Newsletter

Electrical-pulse Brain Stimulation

Improves Parkinson’s Patients’ Mid-step Freezing

Having an Attitude of Gratitude

Vitamin B12 Supplement

March 2018 PNMD Newsletter

Carol Fisher:  Do You Feel Apathetic?

Caffeine As A Biomarker for Parkinson’s Disease

Shedding A Tear May Help Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

February 2018 PNMD Newsletter

Carol Fisher on Depression and Anxiety – Exercise Eases Symptoms

Gut-Brain Axis and Neurodegenerative Disorders

February Meeting Speakers

2018 Annual Dues Reminder

January 2018 PNMD Newsletter

Carol Fisher on relationships between Parkinson’s patients and caregivers

Book and handout recommendations in the library

Member Profiles spotlights Cindy Gershen

How laser equipped shoes may help in walking