Upcoming Programs

PNMD in-person support groups – Sat. June 17

10:00 am –  Support Groups
11:30 am –   Coffee and Speaker in the Oak Room

Topic: Occupational Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease
Speaker: Alexandra Byron from Kaiser

Grace Presbyterian Church
2100 Tice Valley Blvd.,  Walnut Creek

Tri-Valley in-person support group – Sat. June 10

10:00 am – 10:30 am:  Conversation and Beverages 
10:30 am – 12 noon:  Speaker or presentation, Support Groups

Lynnewood United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall
4444 Black Ave., Pleasanton, CA 

May Lunch and Learn Speaker

Wednesday, May 17 – 12 noon – 1 pm  on Zoom

If you do not receive PNMD emails and would like a link to join this presentation, please email your request to

In-Person Support Groups

Walnut Creek – Third Saturday, 10 – 11:15 am – Contact:
   Women with Parkinson’s – Rosemary Way,  925-476-5661
   Men with Parkinson’s – Mitch Morrison,,
   Caregivers – Jan Browne,, 925-899-6685
                     Linda Leong,, 925-944-3582

Tri-Valley – Second Saturday, 10:30 am – 12 noon – Contact:
       Mary Behrendt,, 925-989-0209

Virtual Support Groups

Women with Parkinson’s – 1st Saturday, 10-11 am – Contact:
     Alexa Donahoe,, 925-597-5099

Men with Parkinson’s –  Contact:
    -Team A – 1st Saturday, 10 – 11:30 am
          Dennis Krauss,, 401-864-8438
    -Team B – 1st Saturday, 10:30 am – Noon
          Mark Ouyang,, 925-200-1952
          Phil Hornig,, 925-519-9258  
    -Team C – 2nd Tuesday, 2-3 pm
          Rick Stevens,, 925-939-4210

Caregivers – 1st Friday, 1 – 2:15 pm – Contact: 
            Lorie McGuinness,, 925-980-4011 
            Donna Campo,, 925-324-0998

Recordings of Previous Programs

May 2023 Virtual Program

  • Dopamine stem cell replacement therapies for PD
  • What if we could reverse Parkinsons?
  • PD GENEration:  Mapping the future of PD
  • What is urinary dysfunction?

April 2023 Virtual Program

  • Scientists Develop Glove that Eliminates Tremor
  • Un-syncing the Mind Can Help Parkinson’s Patients
  • Neuroplasticity, Exercise, and Parkinson’s
  • How to Walk to Avoid Falls

Slides from April General Meeting – Aaron Daley:
PD 2023 Updates Resources and Research- PNMD

April 2023 Lunch and Learn

Topic:  Aging in Place
Speaker:  Bryan Riddle

Slides from Lunch and Learn:
Aging In Place PD 5.1.23

March 2023 Lunch and Learn Recording

Topic:  Cognitive Changes in Parkinson’s
Speaker:  Alexis Rosen, PhD
Presentation Slides – Rosen – 3-15-23

February 2023 Virtual Program

  • Gait, Balance and Foot Concerns
  • BEST way to prevent falls
  • The MIND diet for PD
  • Focused Ultrasound

February 2023 Lunch and Learn

Topic: DBS Roundtable
Speaker:  Phil Hornig

January 2023 Virtual Program

  • Living with Young-onset Parkinson’s
  • YES, And..eXercise
  • Addressing constipation in PD
  • What’s the Latest on Parkinson’s Disease?

January 2023 Lunch and Learn

Topic:  Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related Behaviors in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
Speaker:  Rita Hargrave, MD

December 2022 Virtual Program

  • What’s New in Parkinson’s
  • Music as Medicine
  • Parkinson’s Patients Fight Back
  • Gifted:  Invisible Disability

October 2022 Virtual Program

  • Stages of Parkinson’s Disease
  • The Parkinson’s You Don’t See: Cognitive and Non-Motor
  • What It’s Like to Have Parkinson’s
  • Cardio Strength

September 2022 Virtual Program

  • PNMD Introduction
  • Creating New Neurons to Reverse PD
  • Emerging Therapies for PD
  • Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials
  • Geriatric Care Management

September 2022 Lunch and Learn Recording

Topic: Improvisation and Story Telling in Parkinson’s Disease
Speaker: Robert Cochrane

August 2022 Virtual Program Link

  • Managing Parkinson’s Motor Symptoms
  • Pain and Parkinson’s
  • Walk More Normally
  • Helpful Hand Exercises
  • Getting up from a Fall

July 2022 Virtual Program

  • Everyday Hacks for Living with Parkinson’s
  • How to take Levadopa
  • Preventing Falls and Falling “Safely”

June 2022 Virtual Program

  • Questions on emerging therapies for Parkinson’s
  • Urinary disfunction in Parkinson’s
  • Brain and body fitness

June 2022 Lunch and Learn Recording

Topic: More Energy and Mental Clarity
Speaker: Dr. Kirsten Allott, Naturopathic Physician

Download Slides from Lunch and Learn

May 2022 Virtual Program

  • Emerging Therapies for Parkinson’s
  • Stem Cells and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Vibrating Gloves Could Counteract PD
  • Light Therapy is promising treatment
  • Focused ultrasound alternative to DBS

May 2022 Lunch and Learn Recording

Topic:  Adaptive Equipment for Activities of Daily Living and Safe Transfers
Speaker: June Kim Ryujin – Occupational Therapist

PD OT class June Kim – Slides

April 2022 Virtual Program

  • Future of Parkinson’s Treatments
  • Power of LSTV BIG exercise training
  • Learning to Live with Parkinson’s
  • Hacking Your Memory with Sleep

April 2022 Lunch and Learn Recording

Topic: Speech and Language in Parkinson’s Disease
Speaker:  Sarah Talach, M.S., CCC-SLP
Certified Speech Therapist

March 2022 Virtual Program

  • How Exercise Moderates Parkinson’s
  • Top Five Hand Exercises
  • Practical Tips for Better Sleep

March Lunch and Learn Recording

Topic: Hospice and Palliative Care
Speaker: Stephanie Marquet, MD
Hospice of the East Bay

February 2022 Virtual Program

  • Rock Steady Boxing
  • The MIND diet
  • Tips for handling depression and anxiety
  • Bio-medical treatments for PD

February 2022 Lunch and Learn Recording

Topic:  Everyday Resiliency for People Living with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners
Speaker:  Judy Long, BCC
USCF MERI Center for Education in Palliative Care

January 2022 Virtual Program

  • Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Excellent exercise tutorial starting with how to do squats. 
  • Understanding Parkinson’s – overview by Nature magazine. 
  •  Living into your 90’soriginally aired on 60 Minutes

January 2022 Lunch and Learn Recording

Topic: Parkinson’s Disease: Transmitters and Proteins
Speaker:  Peter Ralston, MD, UCSF Professor Emeritus
Notes-Ralston PD presentation 
Slides-Ralston PD Presentation

December Virtual Program Link

  • Summary of Parkinson’s Disease and Medication. 
  • Parkinson’s Disease and Medication – Expert Briefing – full presentation.
  •  PD Fit Club – Petra Fibrichova. A preview of exercises included in the in-person exercise class.
  •  Brian Grant – Dealing with PD. The retired NBA player diagnosed with early-onset PD discusses his book.

December Lunch & Learn Recording

Topic:  An Hour of Joyous Singing
Leader:  Judi Spencer, Music Director
World Parkinson’s Coalition Choir

November Virtual Program Link

  • Parkinson’s News Today website tour
  • Parkinson’s 360: Looking Ahead with PD
  • Brene Brown’s Life Advice
  • Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials (Davis Phinney)

November Lunch and Learn Link

Topic: Psilocybin to Treat Depression and Anxiety in PD
Speaker:  Ellen Bradley, MD
        Weill Institute for Neurosciences, UCSF

October Virtual Program Link

  • Research on genetic treatment for PD – Creating new neurons
  • Easy to do exercises
  • Tips and tricks for managing Parkinson’s
  • How to walk normally

October Lunch and Learn Link

Topic: Parkinson’s Disease Dementia Caregiving
Speaker:  Mary Cochran Abraham, NP
       Kaiser Memory Center

Slides for October Lunch and Learn

Other resources for October Lunch and Learn:
Links to resources for Oct Lunch and Learn

September Virtual Program Link

  • How to treat PD with lifestyle choices
  • Dispelling PD myths
  • Going “big and loud” to keep PD at bay
  • Alan Watts – The most important lesson….

September Lunch and Learn Link

Topic:  The Gut Brain Connection in Parkinson’s Disease
Speaker:  Joseph Bartolone, Registered Dietician

Link to Sept Lunch and Learn Slides

August Virtual Program Link

  • Are there new ways of treating Parkinson’s?
  • Trial of new treatment for Parkinson’s
  • Linda Ronstadt speaks about coping with PD
  • Exercise and Parkinson’s progression

July Virtual Program Link

  • Understanding mindfulness: a quick tour
  • How mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains (TED Talk)
  • Understanding our sleep cycle (animation)
  • How sleep changes over time – conversation with Davis Phinney
  • Buddy up – Ask the MD how to end isolation

July Lunch and Learn Link

Topic:  Planning for Incapacity:  Estate Law and End of Life Planning
Speaker:  Joan Grimes, Attorney

June Virtual Program Link

  • Geriatric care manager. Interview with Margot Nijsure: questions, answers and guidance on managing PD. 
  • Brené Brown on empathy. Engaging animation. Explores the core of our emotional being. 
  • Professor Roger Barker from Cambridge University explores current and future of treatment research. 
  • Neurologist Eric Ahlskog from the Mayo Clinic breaks misconceptions regarding treatment for Parkinson disease. 

June Lunch and Learn Link

Topic:  The PD Avengers
Speaker:  Tim Hague
     Founding Member of PD Avengers

May Virtual Program Link

  • Explore a wealth of valuable resources from Parkinson Movement Disorder Alliance including “Lunch with Docs.”
  • Provoking & fascinating recent interview with Michael J Fox. 
  • Ask the MD. Simple advice on exercise.
  • Parkinson’s expert Davis Phinney talks about power of affirmation, and the Zen of vacuuming.
  • Judy’s story of living with PD, how DBS changed her life, and how to advocate for oneself.
  • Parkinson’s Exercise Part 3 offers essential advice on developing goals, tracking progress. 

April Virtual Program Link

  • Best of the web:  American Parkinson’s Disease Association website tour
  • Look Closer: a one-minute video to put things in perspective
  • Parkinson’s Story Exchange:  powerful video stories
  • Ask the MD: Myths about Levodopa
  • Demonstration: How to do LSVT BIG exercises
  • The LARGE 10 Parkinson’s Program is derived from LSVT, just simpler
  • Parkinson’s Minute: Apathy. Dr. Bas Bloem gives an overview of apathy & PD
  • Ending Parkinson’s disease: interview with Dr. Ray Dorsey, co-author of Ending Parkinson’s

April Lunch and Learn Link

Speaker: Mary Cochran Abraham, NP
Kaiser Permanente Memory Center
Topic: Deep Brain Stimulation: An Overview of DBS

March Virtual Program Link

  • Best of the Web: Mediflix. Tour of a new video site focused on Parkinson’s.
  • How PD can affect your visual world.
  • Exercise is medicine for PD. Hand exercises by Petra Fibrichova.
  • Being diagnosed with PD can be life changing. 
  • Exercise keeps PD on the ropes.
  • New non-surgical technique to help control tremors.
  • Is it true that the brain can heal itself? Lessons from salamanders

March Lunch and Learn Link

Speaker: Ethan Brown, MD
Topic: The Microbiome in Parkinson’s Disease

Slides – Microbiome in PD

February Virtual Program Link

  • Davis Phinney Foundation website tour
  • Whispered ‘Ah’ exercise with Lena Hart
  • Ask the Parkinson’s expert: Physical therapy
  • World first trial for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials – Part 2

February Lunch and Learn Link

Speaker: Bill Hammond, Computer Club of Rossmoor
Topic: Tips for Zooming

January Lunch and Learn Link

Speaker: Caroline Racine Belkoura, PhD, UCSF
Topic: Managing Stressors in the Time of COVID

      Slides for Managing Stressors

January Virtual Program Link

  • Best of the Web: Michael J Fox website tour
  • Ask the PhD: New technologies to treat Parkinson’s
  • Professor Bastiaan Bloem & Ending Parkinson’s
  • Parkinson Exercise Essentials: Part 1 (INTRO)
  • Jimmy Choi: Impact of Parkinson’s and the Unknown

December Lunch and Learn Link

Speaker:  Aaron Daley, Answering Your Questions

Contact information:
Aaron Daley, MA- PD Center Coordinator
University of California, San Francisco
Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence
350 Parnassus, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94117-0114
415-476-9276 (office)

December Virtual Program Link

  • Best of the Web: Nonmotor symptoms of PD
  • Understanding sleep disturbances
  • Movement tips for managing PD
  • Canine companions: Do you need a dog?
  • Personal PD journey

November Lunch and Learn Link

Davis Phinney Foundation Sidekicks Program
Speaker:  Kayla Ferguson

Sidekicks Slide Deck Download

November Recorded Program Link

  • How to boost brain power
  • How to take levodopa for Parkinson’s and why
  • Chair yoga and tai-chi workout
  • Michael J. Fox’s 2018 interview: his fight

October Lunch and Learn Program

How Parkinson’s Can Affect Speech, Swallowing and Voice
Speaker:  Sarah Talach, Talach Speech Therapy, Inc.

October Recorded Program Link

  • Parkinson’s Voice Project: How to preserve your voice
  • AudAbility and MusicWorx: a music therapy approach for helping People with Parkinson’s
  • History of the Parkinson’s Voice Project

September Program Link

  • Michaela Lien: Exercises for People with Parkinson’s
  • Linda Fodrini-Johnson, Eldercare:
    Being Prepared in the time of COVID-19
  • Alexander Technique: How to Sit Optimally
  • TOPAZ – Short Intro to a Parkinson’s Foundation clinical trial on bone health in Parkinson’s

August Meeting Link 

  • Carol Fisher: Gentle Yoga for Every Body
  • Petra Fibrichova: Urban Pole Walking
  • Lena Hart: Alexander Technique for People Living with PD

July Meeting Link

  • Robert Cochrane on Improv to Improve Parkinson’s Disease
  • Dr. Madan Kataria presents Laughter Yoga

June Meeting Link

  • Sheryl Sandberg and Dr. Adam Grant:  Resilience in a Crisis
  • Dr. Rick Hanson, UC Berkeley:  Being Resilient During Coronavirus
  • Dr. Julia Allenyne, PMD Alliance:  Practicing Wellness to Build Resilience

May Meeting Link

  • Lena Hart on Alexander Technique
  • Dr. Gerred Popejoy on Nordic Pole Working
  • Aaron Daley, UCSF, answering frequently asked questions

April Meeting Link

  • Carol Fisher leading a yoga relaxation exercise
  • Heather Kennedy on Living with Parkinson’s


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